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尿素泵Adblue Pump



Urea pump is an important part of the urea solution injection metering system. Its main function is to extract the urea solution in the urea tank, maintain a certain pressure, and then transport it to the injection unit to meet the flow and pressure requirements of the injection metering system.



²尿素泵设计Urea pump design

1.容积式液泵设计Positive displacement liquid pump design

2.隔膜设计将流体与电机分开Diaphragm design separates fluid from motor

3.调速电机的转速800-3500RPM Speed motor speed 800-3500RPM


1.给喷射阀提供压力Provide pressure to injection valve

2.主滤芯过滤尿素Main filter filter urea

²防冻设计Anti-freeze design

1.当泵关闭时,泵内压力会自然衰减When the pump is turned off, the pressure

within the pump will naturally decay

2.主滤芯不会因结冻而损坏The main filter element will not be damaged by freezing

3.尿素泵能承受尿素冷冻后膨胀的体积The urea pump can withstand the

expansion volume of urea after freezing

²解冻能力Thawing ability

1.来自发动机升温后的冷却液再尿素泵内循环使之解冻The coolant from the

heated engine is circulated in the urea pump to defrost it.

2.直接通过金属结构的热传导特性给泵内尿素解冻Defreeze the urea in the pump

directly through the heat conduction properties of the metal structure

l喷射系统的介绍/introduction to injection system

l工作阶段/Work Phase